Thursday, November 4, 2010

Strong Man Competitor?

Today, I am thankful that Vivi was born strong and healthy.  I set up a display this afternoon for a charity event benefiting an organization dedicated to babies born too early, babies who fight for life from the moment they arrive.  Our little lady was born four weeks early and was, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.  Not everyone is so lucky, and I thank God every day for gracing us with such a gorgeous, healthy lady.

Thanks, Lord.

In fact, Vivi is SO strong and healthy that we are considering entering her in the "Strong Baby" competition.  Exhibit A?  Pumpkin hurling!  I'm pretty sure that when I said Halloween is over and we need to "throw out the pumpkins," Vivi only heard "throw the pumpkins."

Step One: Size up your target.  Determine the amount of force you will need to exert.

Step Two: The Lift.  Always with your knees, dahling, never with your back.

And finally, Step Three: The Hurl!  See how far that sucker will fly!

Hm.  Not very far, it would seem.  Well, if all else fails, resort to Step Four: Eat Pumpkin.

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